Jarmyn Enterprise Space

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Orbitor One

Orbitor One space construction yard concept was created and research begun.


Stingray Space Plane

The Stingray Space Plane concept was create to supply the Orbitor One construction yard.


Jarmyn Enterprise Space Program

The Jarmyn Enterprise Space Program is the program to get to Mars, including all the vehicles and structures, which will grow and develop over the coming years.


Finch Hybrid Engine

The Finch Engine is a hybrid engine initially designed to power the Stingray plane. The engine has a unique design, which allows it to be operational in space and all atmospheres.


Swift Engine

The Swift engine concept developed through our research on rocket engines and become a stand alone project for powering the Hawk Series of launch vehicles.


Hawk Junior

The Hawk Junior is the first member of the Hawk Series of launch rockets family, which is developed for LEO payload delivery.


Hawk Medium

The Hawk Medium is a concept launch vehicle in development with a medium payload lift capacity.