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Veera Kanna

Aerospace Engineer

Veera got his Master of Engineering degree, specialising in Mechanical Engineering Design and Engineering Management from Deakin University, Waurnponds, after finishing his bachelor in Aerospace Engineering at LakireddyBalireddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.

During his bachelors, Veera worked on aerodynamic analysis, design and construction of solar unmanned air vehicles, constructed several different types of aerofoil wings with different NACA series. Construction of the C-D nozzles and tested them in supersonic wind turbine. He do worked as a intern in Aircraft Component Manufactuing Team from S&UMEK Engineering Pvt.Ltd.  

During his masters, he did his thesis on drone control with voice commands, using sensor fusion, MATLAB, and Simulink, design and construction of the Wool Scouring Machine for the National Wool Museum, Design and Analysis of the Heart on a chip, CAE analysis over Boom and Arm of the Excavator Using Abaqus Software. He also conferred with Best Design Challenge Award from the National Wool Museum for Design and construction of the Wool Scouring Machine, Geelong.

He was very much interested and done a lot of work in the field of Aerospace Engineering and become one of the best Aerospace Engineer in the coming years, using his skills in the field of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.