Jarmyn Enterprise Space

Malcolm Jarmyn, CEO/Founder

Malcolm Jarmyn

CEO/Founder, Director

Malcolm developed a vision for a space plane in 2004, which led to research into space vehicles and their propulsion systems. 

Since then, he focused on liquid fuel rocket engine research and mechanics/engineerings for the initial design of the JESX1 rocket engine concept. 

After he founded Jarmyn Enterprise Space in 2018, he is managing the technical team and beyond, with expansive effort and enthusiasm.

His 12+ years of Defence Force employment comes with wast experience in fleet management, operating battle command systems and remote power systems management, operating and maintaining battle vehicles and weapon system management, human resource, international freight and supply chain in vehicle, aerospace and general parts management. He has also experienced in strategic planning, deployment computer system operations.

He also received training for primary combat medical services and triage incidents, beside structural, wild, chemical and hazardous fire incidents.