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Kunal Chetwani

Mechatronic Engineer

Kunal is an engineering graduate having a strong mechanical background with programming and mathematical modelling skills. 

While he was doing his bachelors in Automotive Design engineering, he realised his inclination towards robotics and automation. This motivated him to gain competencies beyond the mechanical domain, hence Kunal went on to pursue a master’s degree in Mechatronics engineering. 

He gained competencies in control theory and have proficiency to work with PLCs and PID controllers. During his study period, Kunal further honed his programming skills in Python and C++, with the knowledge base of which he has been working on the ROS (Robot Operating System) platform to simulate different robots, specifically for localising them using Monte Carlo algorithms. 

Kunal has always been interested in Space Research, and have an inclination towards working with the technologies involved including the rovers, satellites, rockets etc. He has stepped into his professional career with the knowledge he gained during his studies, and Kunal intends to serve as an asset to the space industry.