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Julian Timmers, QHSE Manager

Julian Timmers

QHSE Manager

Julian is a member of Space Association of Australia and overall space enthusiast, loves anything from early space exploration, to Artemis program and beyond.

His strengths are using his management skills and workplace health & safety and training.

Julian has over 15 years’ experience and working at several remote locations, with working knowledge of Safety Management Systems that are (ISO 9001, AS/NZS4801, ISO31000)compliant.

He has gained a great insight and exposure from different work practises and added valuable knowledge and skills. Not just in safety, but logistics, production and maintenance.

After obtaining Diploma of Management, Julian formalised his existing skill set through RPL and obtained Cert 4 in Workplace Health & Safety (OHS) and Cert 4 in Training and Assessment (TAE40110). Cert 4 Lab Techniques (including chemical handling) and is Licensed Radiation Safety Officer with Radiation Licence’s in  industrial gauges, NORM & XRF.

Julian is a very approachable person and finds it easy to have conversations with staff and people in general. He approaches everything with an open mind. Treating all staff equally and encourage team members and individuals to meet goals. Enjoys working with individuals’ strengths and provide training and support to reduce their weaknesses.

He is always looking for new challenges, as it builds on existing skill set. With his resilience and vast experience and knowledge, Julian makes it his objective to complete a project or task to the best of his abilities.

Based in Western Australia with a loving fiancée, 3 teenage kids and 2 dogs, he has always been a space enthusiast and interested in early lunar and Shuttle missions right up to current activities.

Joining Jarmyn Enterprise Space, gave Julian the opportunity to combine a much-loved interest in the space industry with his professional career.