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Ajay Bade

Ajay Bade

Avionics Engineer

Ajay is an Avionics engineer, currently working on the avionics and the design of the Swift Rocket engine. To develop and grow his interest in space vehicles, he brings technical skills of integrating mechanical components and electronics using his knowledge at J.E.S. He is a passionate engineer with 1 year of experience in engineering industry, but been around engineers whole life, dedicated with problem-solving skills and math abilities and has ability to work in fast paced and challenging environments.

Ajay is in the field of engineering since the past 5 years, with his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, focusing on Robotics, and now currently pursuing his Masters of Mechatronics engineering at University of Adelaide.

Ajay is well equipped with the knowledge of Robotics, PID control and other digital control systems, and skilled with programming languages such as MATLAB, C and C++, PLC programming and microcontroller programming.

He is also equipped with basic knowledge of model based systems engineering (MBSE), project management, total quality management, business management systems and engineering communications which he gained in the course of his engineering studies.