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Who We Are

Our Beginnings and Future

Malcolm Jarmyn, our CEO, began his journey 20 years ago while working on the Orbiter One construction yard concept, where he first conceptualised and started developing the Stingray Space plane and the Finch engine.

As research into these concepts continued, the current projects took shape. 

The next step was to develop the Swift engine concept, which is now incorporated into the current project, the Hawk Series of launch vehicles, starting with the Hawk Junior single stage, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) launch vehicle.

The successful launch of the Hawk Junior shall mark a milestone of the Hawk Series, followed by the Hawk Medium and Hawk Senior Heavy launch vehicles

With the success of the Hawk Series operations, the company will focus on the Stingray space plane, the construction of Orbiter One and many more projects.

How Can We Help You?

1. Consultation 

Jarmyn Enterprise Space will discuss the client’s needs and requirements to successfully launch and deploy their payload in the designated orbit.

2. Meeting 

With ongoing meetings, Jarmyn Enterprise Space keeps the client up to date and maximises the safe integration and development of the client’s payload.

3. Proposal Design 

From the first day of consultations with the client, the unique design of the launch vehicle and the mission is customised to the client’s needs.

4. Launch Day 

On launch day, the client will get the opportunity for a final inspection of the launch vehicle and follow the mission progress in the control room. 

Best Team

Our team is our biggest investment. We are a proud group of people who have been working hard for the success of J.E.S and establishing a very strong base for a company that will carry the Australian space endeavour to the next level. Our passion for space technology is giving us the courage to push forward as a team to accomplish our aspirations. 

team build before space forum

The best team is the one who enjoys each other’s company. Malcolm Jarmyn – CEO, Ajay Bade – Head of Engineering and April Staines – Additive Manufacturing Engineer building the team spirit.

If you would like to learn about the best team a bit more, please head over to Our Team page.

Our Target

Our First Launch Date

We are setting ourselves to achieve our first launch in: