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Hawk Junior Rocket

Hawk Junior Rocket

Hawk Junior Single Stage To Orbit

The Hawk Junior rocket is our first step to get into space.

Hawk Junior

The Hawk Junior Launch vehicle is our effort to dare to do what no one else has dared to do before.

Build a single stage to orbit launch system dedicated to small payloads.

Simple, affordable, responsive and modern.

One Stage

Most problems in rocket launches occur at stage separations. A single stage delivery of payload to orbit reduces the risk of mission failures, damages and waste of precious payload.

The best solution for a problem is usually the simplest one.

Built for Light Payloads

Small satellites have become so popular today that they deserve a dedicated launch system. No more hitchhiking in enormous rockets.

With the Hawk Junior providing delivery of up to 50 kg to LEO, CubeSat and Nanosatellite missions can have a rocket that was designed specifically to serve them.

Fast Delivery

The Single-Stage configuration of the Hawk Junior required us to engineer it to be simple and modern, and that extends to its manufacturing. With modern manufacturing processes, the time to get a rocket ready to launch is greatly reduced.

Proudly South Australian

We are a proud South Aussie company based in northern suburb of Adelaide, Mawson Lakes, South Australia.

The Hawk Junior is our first contribution to helping consolidate the presence of South Australia in the national and world space landscape.

Payload Capability to LEO:       75 kg 

Price per Launch:                       Under AUD 1 M 

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