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We Develop Launch Vehicles

Here at Jarmyn Enterprise Space (J.E.S), we develop launch vehicles in Australia for the national and international space industry.

With a team of  dedicated staff, we are currently developing our first of the series of  ‘Hawk Class’ launch vehicles.

The ‘Hawk Junior’ is a Single Stage To Orbit rocket for launching and deploying small payloads (satellites) into LEO for commercial exploration, scientific research, tourism, mining, etc purposes.

Our work not just covers vehicle design and production, but also material research, efficient fuel sources, and QHSE for the space technology market and beyond.

We are in discussions with 4 launch site facilities in Australia and expanding our sites to include launch sites around the world.

What we are focused on at the moment.

While keeping the rest in the bay.

Medium Rocket

Senior Heavy Rocket

Space Plane

Our Progress

First Concept Design

As our Swift engine is the key component of our space program, we are working hard on developing the engine and preparing it for a test burn. The test burn will provide all the data to progress the project and get ready for the second stage, which will be a test launch.

The test launch vehicle will be the Hawk Junior, which is the main launch vehicle J.E.S will be using to launch payloads (small satellites) to Low Earth Orbit, LEO.

After the Hawk Junior reaches its full potential, we will be advancing our program to include higher levels in the form of the Hawk Medium, Hawk Senior and Stingray Space Plane, all currently in the concept development stage.  

Swift Engine
Hawk Junior
Hawk Medium
Hawk Senior Heavy
Stingray Space Plane