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Flight Safety Code is legislated by Australian federal government which consists two major parts:
• The launch safety standards, which provide standards for third-party casualty safety, asset safety standards for assets with catastrophic potential, restrictions to be applied to unproven vehicles overflying populated areas, and standards to be observed for drop zones and landing sites; and
• The risk hazard analysis methodology, which provides details of the inputs and the method to calculate casualty expectation for launch and return activities.

The Space Act 2018 is legislated by the Australian federal government for regulating the Australian space industry on:
• Establishing a system for the regulation of space activities carried on either from Australia or by Australian nationals outside Australia, and to establish a system for the regulation of the launch of high power rockets in Australia; and
• Ensuring that a reasonable balance is achieved between removal of barriers to participation in space activities and the encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship in the space industry, and the safety of space activities, and the risk of damage to persons or property as a result of space activities.
• Implementing certainty of Australia’s obligations under the UN Space Treaties.

It is a set of rules federal government legislated to regulate the space industry in Australia under the Space Act 2018.