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Jarmyn Enterprise Space conducts research and development in aerospace engineering and advanced propulsion capabilities.

To provide sovereign capability to Australia for providing space vehicles and launch services.

Unique vehicle designs, recycle manufacturing, 3D printed components, accurate deployment.

There are three proposed launch vehicles: Hawk Junior SSTO, Hawk Medium, Hawk Senior Heavy.

Short-term goals: Engine testing and finalisation. Attracting investors.

Long-term goals: Successful launch of space vehicle with optimal deployment of goods in the lower orbit region. Use of sustainable, eco-friendly and recycled materials for vehicle manufacturing.

To deploy satellites, to put people into space, to reach Mars and beyond.

Developing a space launch ecosystem.

Providing affordable space launch services for the small satellite industry.

Satellite manufacturers.

Design of aerospace, aeronautical, propulsion or aerodynamic components, turbomachinery and engineering systems; consultancy in space trends and access to space.

J.E.S green credentials are in the vehicle design; the only components that leave the vehicle are the fairings and the payload. Using methane as fuel is also part of our green credentials, with plans to develop a process where CO2 is removed from the atmosphere to create methane for the fuel.

17 highly experienced “the right stuff”.

21 people in the first year, 50 in second and an estimated 100 people in the third year.

The Australian space industry is re-establishing itself and growing strongly, following the powerful global trends for space technology that will improve our lives.

South Australia has been the centre of Australian space activities since the first rocket was launched at Woomera, and WRESAT, the first satellite built at Elizabeth. Recently ASA, Australian Space Agency, located in Lot 14, Adelaide. South Australia is the heart of the space industry in Australia.

Because we are passionate and proud to pursue our dreams in space.

Space is the “next frontier”, and we are following where our heart takes us. 

We are a small company, who will grow, without forgetting its beginnings. 

We are working on 2 major projects.

We are in business as a company for 2 years.

There is a high interest in the program.